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Heart, I also want to sit on such rivers and mountains




9.6 million square kilometers

There is a beautiful Jiangnan color in the East and a long yellow desert in the West

There is a deep-sea blue in the South and a snow country in the north for thousands of years

picturesque landscape

So many charming

I really want to go all over



Written by Wang Wei

"The desert is lonely and straight, and the long river falls into the yen"

It is the vast beauty of the desert


Folk songs of the northern and Southern Dynasties

"The sky is gray, the wild is boundless, and the wind blows the grass to see cattle and sheep"

It is the beauty of the grassland


Written by Wang Changling

"Qinghai has long clouds and dark snow mountains, and the lonely city looks at Yumen pass in the distance"

It is the towering beauty of snow mountains



As the saying goes

"The mountain is impermanent and the water is impermanent"

The beauty of nature

Beauty is beauty that is ever-changing and unlimite

A picture at a glance and a scene at a reading

How can we not fall for it


Like mountains, towering mountains

Like a snowy scene, the distance is flawless

Like Gobi desert, wild and charming

Appreciate the beauty of nature

Have endless fun


▲BOLI  Calacatta·Luxurious atmosphere is self-evident


Overlook the scenery

The mountains are winding and the trees are scattered

View details

The rock texture is consistent, with clear edges and corners



Look carefully

It also has the feeling of snow covering yellow sand, springs and streams

Horizontal as a ridge side into a peak.

Each has his own opinion




There is a fine flash at the falling gold

From calm to meticulous

Light is not dazzling, more pleasant

This is a bit of luxury

It's enough to turn stone into gold



Unlimited scenery

Long sky and wilderness

You don't have to go far away

Mountains and rivers are magnificent

You can also have it all in this room


the country is so rich in beauty

The scenery is infinitely wonderful——

Welcome to taste

BOLI Calacatta marble look porcelain tile



— END —