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It's beautiful. It's beautiful. I'm drunk. I'm drunk



it is said that

"Jiuzhaigou looks at the water, Zhangjiajie looks at the mountains"

Zhangjiajie • Wulingyuan

Three thousand stone peaks rise from the ground

800 streams, winding

Being in it is like a fairyland near the holy mountain

Worthy of

"The original of Chinese landscape painting"



Eternal romantic multi talented man

Green mountains and white clouds are fond of chanting poetry

Sigh the mountain, show the towering long wind

Praise cloud, praise free and easy unruly


"The green mountains want to turn back to the green stream, and the ancient trees are covered by spring clouds."

What a painting of green mountains and white clouds



In poetry and painting

Deep and shallow green mountains, thick and light clouds

Indulge, stirring

So charming, but the meaning will be unspeakable

When the long wind sings, it is vast and long

Proud and proud, with a boundless mind

Then there is Boli copper dolomite



"The clouds come thick at dawn, and the front mountain loses its peaks"

Heavy white clouds overturn

Blocking the towering green mountains

Emerald Forest Yellowstone, vaguely visible

Like a scroll of elegant landscape painting


Clouds flow freely, but they are closely connected

The cloud descends the mountain high and the water grows long

Trees alternate with rocks

The scene is vivid and beautiful

The green mountains are so charming that they rub the clouds



▲BOLI Copper donamita·FP8126B17


Add grey green and paint the ridge

Dyed rattan yellow, a few strokes of rock

A wave of white, Dangdang mountain clouds

Thick and light circulation room

It has the meaning of grandeur



Add grayish green and draw ridges

Dye it into rattan yellow and rock it a few times

Bursts of white Dangdang mountain clouds

Concentration dilution circulation chamber

It has a grand meaning



The beauty of nature

Worth the neon of a prosperous city

The beauty of green mountains and white clouds

How can I just look at it

Take it home



But I don't know heaven and earth when I see the mountains green and white

Picturesque scenery, poetic life at home


Welcome to taste