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Elegance is you, and natural and unrestrained is you



Speaking of popular elements in fashion circles

Tassel, you must have a name

As early as the 16th century

It has become the object of high-class celebrities

It has been favored by the palace of Versailles

At the same time, it is also a symbol of glory

The emperor crowns and the lady shakes

as well as

Hanging ear epaulets for officers in European and American countries

There are tassels everywhere

So far, it is still the darling of fashion




Why special

Lies in its elegance and natural and unrestrained

With a different kind of romance

The most charming is the moment when tassels jump

Full of dynamic rhythm

Light and graceful

Flexible, smooth and swaying



Light and elegant

In fashion, it also shows high-grade style

Like BOLI agate stone

Charming style, natural and unrestrained style

Quiet and elegant


Lightweight and delicate elegant texture

Clean and elegant fashion light grey

Candy noodles make the room bright

Tall and luxurious


Flexible and soft fine stone pattern

Inclined downward at 45 °

Like light tassels flying in the wind

Outline the perfect radian

Perform high-level charming style



▲ BOLI  agate stone·elegant and natural


Shallow gray tone

Blend in light white

Clean and gentle, smart and elegant

Simple style, suitable for home



Under natural light

Give off a glittering luster

Crystal candy, bright every grain

Move with the light and shine

Bring unexpected romantic sweetness


One meter two tall

Popular specifications of legitimate red

It's impressive enough

It's really antiskid. Don't worry

Give you a full sense of security



Tassel dancing, flexible and light

Fashion, advanced

Show elegance

Cast natural and unrestrained style


Welcome to taste

BOLI agate stone


— END —