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Fantasy, fantasy, dazzle, dazzle, praise



North of 66 ° n

South of 66 ° s

The two polar circles of the earth

Rare Aurora

Mysterious and beautiful

Wonderful and dreamy

Like an elf in the sky

Light dance and variety

Bright and dark Charm



Light and shadow

Pure and light

I can see, I can't touch

Good at creating visual illusion

Light and shadow circulation

It seems that the stars change

It's beautiful



When the dream light

Encounter high-grade gray

After integration, they complement each other

Show flexibility in silence

Simple and calm

Boli copper donamita

As a leader here

Dazzle light and shadow, dazzle advanced



Faint light texture

Two gray tones suitable for both shade and shade

Romance created by diamond flash elegant surface

Light beauty, advanced grey


Light texture needs to be seen close

Light and shade transition, changing posture

From a distance, it's like dazzling light

Close look, reflecting the dark lines of art

Layered, low-key and elegant

▲BOLI copper donamita



Natural gas field

Light grey, elegant and fashionable

Dark gray, cold and steady

No matter what kind of gray tone

Can carry the girder alone



On the simple muscle base

Sprinkle a fine diamond flash

When the light is on, the room is full of light

A complicated life

Add a little romance


Light and shadow flow, like time

One meter eight tall

Infinite gas field


It's really lovely


Dazzle light and shadow, super dream

Show off the gray tone, so introverted

Dazzle, drill and flash, unusual

Fall in love with another kind of beauty


Welcome to taste

BOLI copper donamita



— END —