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So many wood grain bricks, which one to choose will not overturn?



For people living in busy metropolis, Japanese log style home design creates a "comfortable and appropriate" atmosphere, such as the sunshine in the wild suburbs in spring. The spring breeze is warm, pleasant and comfortable, which makes people want to close their eyes and enjoy the rare peace.



Pursue a simple and comfortable life, and want to maximize the characteristics of "home", so that the house is full of authenticity, love and sunshine, carrying bit by bit memory and a predictable future. Starting from the space presentation and living state expected by the owner, the interior will naturally distribute comfort.


▲ Floor · BOLI wooden series


A large area of wood color lays the foundation for space tone. From the living room, dining room to public areas, Boli wood brick, a wood grain brick in the form of log, is selected. It has concave convex texture, rich texture and inherent natural flavor. It roots natural beauty and health at home and gives people a warm feeling of comfort. Its color is calm and soothing, the temperature is just right, warm and restrained.


▲ Floor · BOLI wooden series


The wall uses milky white to dilute a large area of wood veneer, and the light gray cloth sofa adds a fresh color to the space, which does not make the wood color occupy the whole space, resulting in aesthetic visual fatigue; The warm and cold tone reflects the distinct level of space, creating a sense of quality and comfort of life.



▲ Floor · BOLI wooden series


A wooden shelf is installed on the wall to place small objects with high utilization rate by the owner. With a long table and two or three high chairs, it has become a simple and enviable petty bourgeoisie life. It can hide its energy and bide its time in leisure, and can be used as a workbench in busy time to kill two birds with one stone, so as to improve the utilization rate in the limited space.


▲ Floor · BOLI wooden series


The living room and dining room are only divided by floor tiles. The "Boli wood grain" cement texture is integrated with millennium old walnut. In an instant, the whole field achieves a delicate balance, just like crossing the constraints of time, creating a fashionable home experience; The trani floor tile extends to the kitchen floor, and the dynamic line of the whole space is smooth. The cooking area is separated by sliding doors to avoid the flow of oil fume. The living space for two people only needs a dining table for four people, which is simple and practical and does not occupy too many places. The extra space is designed as a simple version of the work study. The "indomitable" bookcase collects the accumulated knowledge over time, and is equipped with a desk to carry out work and reading at any time. Because of the adoption of natural light, the interior is particularly flexible and elegant. The combination of warm wood color and white is pure and concise, which explains the natural and minimalist tone of the main force of the house.


▲ Balcony · BOLI wooden series


The house itself has good daylighting advantages. With the careful arrangement of the designer, the natural light is continuously scattered in every corner of the room: the door connecting the balcony space in the kitchen and the door connecting the restaurant in the kitchen are made of fully transparent glass. The natural light and the indoor light have the beauty of harmonious light feeling.


The combination of gray and wood makes the space transparent and bright. The "sandbar jade" with gentle, elegant and wilderness aura is cleverly decorated, so that the space will not be too dull, but also add convenience to daily life, and it is easy to scrub after frying and frying.


▲ Toilet · BOLI wooden series


The combination of natural sand and stone + fashionable gray floor tiles gives the bath space exquisite and simple, the natural and peaceful wall appears clean and tidy, and the wood grain finish washstand allows nature to quietly pour in, wash tired all day, and enjoy a good night's sleep.



The residential space like a spring breeze takes the natural original log as the element, and the wood texture is light, bringing out the natural texture. It is warm and simple. The amazing natural beauty contains the homeowner's desire for calm and free and easy life ideal.