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350m² top duplex: stand at the top of the city and enjoy a unique world



At the beginning of the night in the city

A bustling area

But in this world

But especially quiet



Top floor duplex has its unique floor advantages:

Excellent view

Wonderful vision

And the rising bearing

Let people choose to live high

The owner of this case has the dream of living desired by many urban people, 350m ² The top floor is an ultra comfortable large space, based on clouds, with a panoramic view, full of fun and enjoy an extraordinary life.



But in fact, a really beautiful home does not exist to wait and see, but to feel the meaning of its existence with your heart. It is quiet, warm and pleasant, making people feel the power of stability from the inside out. Use design to build the divinity of daily life and create a sincere space.



1F·Main space

Living room, dining room, bedroom

▲ BOLI carrara super white


The participation of new things promotes people's desire to explore and feel step by step, and creates an innovative texture lifestyle.

Create life with objects and let space return to its essence. After all, the unified simple white tone carries the banner of high sense. The ultra white marble tiles in the whole house are fresh and refined. The exquisite and bright quality surface is like a cold morning. Rain beads fall on the water surface without delay, spreading out circles of water waves, rippling and circuitous in every space, and the simple white teeth decorate the elegant temperament; One or two green plants are rich in visual color and grow with vitality, just like the urban vitality of this house.


▲BOLI carrara super white


The space polygon shape elements produce dialogue under the warm light of the high-rise, regular and irregular, round and square, cold and warm, forming a complementary and perfect enclosed living room.


▲BOLI carrara super white


Reflected in the open form, the living room and restaurant are coherent but relatively independent. Designers explore different angles of life, create a multi-dimensional space atmosphere, and feel the temperature of home in an open scale.

Missed the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers, missed the appointment, and saw the prosperity of the world in the high-end field of the city, caught a glimpse of your favorite life, full of joy. A touch of dark green screen vividly reflects the desire and persistence for the shade of green trees. It is probably that the gene in the bottom of human heart has awakened and involuntarily pursues the primitive simplicity and quiet green of nature.


▲  BOLI wooden series


Different from the vibrant and lively colors used in the restaurant, the bedroom adopts a quiet and introverted tone with wood grain bricks. It is low-key and calm, which makes everyone very comfortable like the spring breeze and the moon. Like the growth of children, it has the throb of youth and the power to actively explore the future.


▲ BOLI carrara super white


Here, there is no need for complexity and excitement. Be gentle and soothe your restless heart with ordinary things. The bathroom belongs to a private space, with flowing clouds and flowing lines, and a comfortable space of rhythm and rhythm, which crushes the fatigue of the day and flows out a wonderful poetry between physical and mental rest.


Look at the window and enjoy the wonderful fun of sitting on the city scenery. In the evening, the afterglow of the setting sun sprinkles into the room, and the whole space is covered with a layer of smart and charming halo... ...



2F·Main space

Art corridor, chess room, tea room, bedroom


▲ BOLI carrara super white


Space is not only for life, but also for imagination.


The wall leading to the second floor is covered with hidden crystal beating notes, which makes people can't wait to go into the art atmosphere corridor to find out. It seems that they have planned to meet again for a long time, take out all the collections that were originally dark and show them, move the scene step by step, and let people marvel at its rebirth. It makes space, and space makes it.


▲ BOLI wooden series


According to the needs of the owner, the second floor space has built a tea room and chess and card room, focusing on the communication and interaction with family members. The chess and card room can better enrich the family's daily life in leisure time. At the same time, the entertainment space is arranged on the second floor, which will not affect the children's study and rest, but also prepare sufficient space for the second children in the future.

▲ BOLI wooden series


The ancients said that ambition should be high and far. Vision determines the width of a person's mind. How happy life is to breathe free and fresh air at a high place, enjoy tea quietly in a corner of the teahouse and talk about successful career.