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How hot is the quiet wind made of micro cement? I can't sit still just seeing the living room



There is plenty of food in the fridge, you don't have to wait for the new year to wear new clothes, and the night in the country streets is as bright as day. The great era has brought rich and abundant material foundation, bred unlimited opportunities and undercurrent, and the matching spiritual satisfaction appears weak and blank. People try to start from looking forward to a better state of life and change it bit by bit.



The derived aesthetic consciousness of silence is the reflection of human spiritual longing and the state of spiritual longing in the new era. 侘 + silence means finding the beauty of life in the baptism of long years, accepting the shortness and deformity of things, and vaguely full of simple, quiet and simple Buddhist character.


▲ BOLI Textured micro cement


The application of micro cement, a decorative material that can reflect the quiet aesthetics, occupies a dominant position in the home space of young people. Present at home: the color is cold, dark and retro. BOLI expensive micro cement floor tiles retain the mottled natural texture, and the rough and crazy design brings a sense of returning to nature. The simpler it is, the more it pursues primitive beauty.


▲ BOLI Textured micro cement


Home is a container of stories, the marble Island loved by the hostess, the coffee grinder loved by the male hostess Everywhere is the trace of love left by serious life; The days at home are like cement floor tiles. After years of baptism, they leave mottled vicissitudes of life texture and stack the shadow of happiness layer by layer.


▲ BOLI Textured micro cement


Natural and artificial light flows into every corner of the space, and local lighting creates a deep sense of mystery. Under the lingering light, the plain cement brick reveals a beauty full of a sense of years. It fades and darkens, hides the shadow, is quiet, and flows leisurely into every corner. At this moment, time is as soft as the embrace of God.



▲ BOLI Textured micro cement


The beauty of silence comes from simplicity into the soul and warmth into the heart. Stepping into the kitchen, wrapped in thick dark gray, it detonates a visual impact of silence and light luxury, neutralizes the cold feeling of cement gray, and presents a bright and quiet atmosphere under the halo of the light of the main lamp.





Enter the living balcony through the kitchen area, and every corner is decorated with 100% of the designer's attention.


▲ BOLI Textured micro cement


The informal micro cement quiet wind is all over the house, and it is even difficult to see the bright colors other than gray, brown and iron black. On the one hand, it reflects the human character of the new era, which is very restrained and pure. A high degree of self-discipline can often bring absolute freedom and unrestrained. On the other hand, the space is more silent and sudden, and simple and generous.


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