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I have a house, facing the sea, blooming in spring




Thousands of miles deep, unpredictable

A vast expanse of water


Up and down, hunting

Magnificent and surging

sea wave

See the sky in the surf

The majestic atmosphere can not help but be full of pride



Facing the sea, Cao Cao sings


"Jieshi in the East, to see the sea"

To view the sky and step on the sea with a bold mind, and eventually become a generation of hegemony



Facing the sea, Li Bai said


"There will be times when the wind blows through the waves, and the clouds sail straight to the sea"

With lofty sentiments, the poetic immortal is famous in history



All rivers flow to the East

Rolling away to the sea


"The water of the Yellow River comes up from the sky, runs to the sea and never comes back"

The sea contains everything in the world

The vast expanse of a thousand li, the capacity is great

So Haizi thought about it

"From tomorrow on, be a happy person

I have a house, facing the sea, warm in spring "

What a pleasure to take the sea home


The waves are like a thousand troops

Surge, roar, shout

Continuous rebirth

The sea tide is powerful, soaring up to 90000 Li

With a heart, the clouds rise to the sky

Have a strong heart and ride the wind and waves

Natural scenery of life


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Still night, dawn, early sun

Twelve hours and twelve colors

The late ashes of the great vessels

The tide comes and goes, and the fog is everywhere

Sea color, sky light

Just sit and enjoy



Like a painting with thick ink and heavy color

Ups and downs, ebb and flow

It has a long lasting charm here

Between white and ink

It contains burst, enterprising and strength

Only when the waves cross the river can we show the true qualities of heroes



Small drill flash, such as the rising star

The left eye is sparkling, the right eye is sparkling

Like a good dream of life, shining

A glance is not enough

Fine taste, love



Enjoy a half day's leisure, sit in and watch the sea

Look at the infinite stretch into one

The boundlessness of the four directions

as boundless as the sea and sky

Free to gallop



The people who are benevolent and the wise enjoy the water

Big minded, happy and vicissitudes

Sitting in the sea and looking at the sea



—— END ——