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Big, elegant and romantic!



Chinese brush painting

Symphony of water and ink

Coke, thick, heavy, light, clear

Interleaving fusion

Elegant and pure, soft and light

Like smoke and fog, water moistens nature

Between dots

Free and unrestrained, quiet and far-reaching



Ink painting

It contains the continuous poetry of traditional Chinese painting

Water halo ink seal, such as multicolored

The charm is vivid and the spirit is written in form

Therefore, it is immortal through thousands of years



That faint ink rhyme

The ink is elegant and has a long charm

Carry the charm of ink on paper

Keep quiet and elegant in your heart

As Su Shi, a literary giant of the Northern Song Dynasty, said


"Romantic literary grace is never exhausted, and ink and poetry compete for beauty"


Ink is like a flying goose, free and easy

Light and thick

Ink dance is so flexible and elegant

Indulge in it, unlimited reverie



The ink and ink of Danqing are flowing gently

Dense water vapor, moist and clean

Lingering ink, dancing charm

It's like a dream, it's like a fantasy, it's intoxicating


▲BOLI Copper conamita·Smart ink rhyme loved by everyone


Light gray, soft and gentle

Bring a touch of freshness

Medium grey, elegant and modest

Add a quiet room

Different shades have their own advantages



Ren Yiqu ink painting

Gently swam away and spread quietly

Pen and ink circulation

Move with the light

Crystal flash and broken shadow, beautiful and beautiful



One, natural and unrestrained

One, concise and vivid

One, elegant and fresh

One, open-minded and calm

You can enjoy yourself in a leisurely place



Ink painting, Chinese style in capitals

Natural and elegant

People like to be smart



BOLI Copper donamita





— END —