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Ash is always good-looking. I won't lie to you



Gucci Gucci

World's top luxury brands

Founded in the 1920s

The first store opened in Florence, Italy

Since then, it has become famous all over the world

It is a symbol of status and wealth

It is the consumption darling of high society

It is synonymous with modern luxury




Neutral color

It has high cold, alienation and distance

And some affinity, ambiguity, and even warmth

There is a duty bound ability

It's not as clear as black and white

It just stands in the middle

Maintain a special temperament



When Gucci meets gray

Elegant with gorgeous dignity


Soft with a simple off worldliness


BOLI morandi gray

Classic, handed down in one continuous line


Faint light texture

A gray tone that is neither gorgeous nor dull

Sweetness made of candy flash particles

The beauty of elegance is progressive layer by layer


▲BOLI morandi · Pure, clean and elegant


A clean gray primer

The hazy stone grain swam away

No trace from a distance

Close up, the layers are distinct

Layered beauty, low-key high-grade gray


Gray is a natural force

Advanced and stable

Let the black-and-white opposition become more flexible

Match with any color

Can hold

Beauty with aura, low-key high-grade gray



On the simple rhyme

Sprinkle a thin glitter

When the light is on, the room is full of romance

Give an unknown life

Bring an amazing

Romantic beauty, low-key high-grade gray



The world is colorful

And high-grade gray, all inclusive

Xiaomei's house

Luxury home

You can press the array with the ash washed out of lead

Low key publicity

It's a long-lasting attitude to life



Fashionable and elegant

Luxurious and noble

Colorful life

Always need a little high-grade gray


Welcome to taste

BOLI morandi gray



— END —