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The 200 square meter penthouse has an invincible simple and luxurious life




I have seen many landscapes, visited many places and experienced all kinds of opportunities, and I have a state of mind of "walking to the poor place of water and watching the clouds rise".



Leisurely stroll to the end of the water, sit down and look up at the floating white clouds. What a beautiful thing it is to be on the top terrace of your home. After several aftertastes, the life you want is close at hand.

▲ Floor · BOLI Braccia


This case is located on the top floor of the downtown residential area. It has excellent daylighting, ventilation and vision, as well as its own top terrace, which has become a hot pastry in the residential supply. Using the advantage of the top floor location, the designer tries to connect the interior with the outside world as much as possible and leave the best light location to the living room, which can gather people.


The landing window is full of the beautiful scenery of the city, which is suddenly separated by two different time and space, creating a overlooking angle of "looking at all the mountains and small", a grand spiritual realm, and a panoramic view of all the wind and clouds. The advantages of high-rise buildings are brought into full play, and the free modern people framed by reinforced concrete are untied in an instant.


▲ BOLI Copper Donamita


Simple color matching runs through the whole space, and the corrugated floor tiles are rippling in the heart, creating a leisurely artistic conception of surging and flowing. It is a beautiful and elegant environment with continuous sparkling ripples and surging with the wind. The background wall - "copper dolomite" seems to be towering mountains in the clouds, ethereal beyond the nine clouds, connected with mountains, lakes and seas, condensing a sense of tranquility and tranquility, bringing residents a feeling of relaxation and pleasure.


▲ Floor · BOLI Copper Donamita


The designer integrates the life intention represented by the living aesthetics into it. In the natural artistic conception of Yunshan sea and lake, taking the large-scale pattern as the basic shape, in a loose atmosphere, the body and mind are more relaxed and fit the lifestyle of a family of four. Throughout the year, enjoy the rain, listen to the wind, drink tea and watch the sunset and sunrise. One room can get a selfless peace.


▲ Floor · BOLI Copper Donamita


The city, after all, is a flowing feast. Changes always take place. What remains unchanged is that people love and yearn for the warmth of home. The ordinary life of three meals a day and fireworks in four seasons unfolds slowly in the restaurant. Several Morandi soft colors are rich and generous, making life and desire simple.


▲ Wall · BOLI Carrara


Through such a large window, we can shorten the distance from the city. Even after returning to the family, we can have the spirit of "managing all kinds of opportunities every day and king in the world".


The sense of pleasure and permeability allows people to breathe freely, extend sensory boundaries, and blow away the fatigue of the day like a spring breeze. Take off your fatigue, stay with your family and enjoy a comfortable and warm cooking atmosphere.


▲ BOLI Carrara

▲ BOLI Carrara


The main guard and guest guard use the same series of bricks - "karala". The smooth texture depicts the haloed clouds, which is soothing and natural, and the glittering surface radiates a unique texture.


Living in a high-rise, open the window to see the scenery. The designer uses the top-level advantages to create an ultra wide field of vision, which just brings ultra long daylighting to the room. All-weather sunlight makes the residents feel more happy, reflects a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, and endows the residents with a more textured lifestyle.



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