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Japanese style and wind, light and shadow in the elegant song



How deep is the courtyard

A wall separated us from the restlessness of the city

Blend into the pulse of nature


Listen carefully to the flowing water and moisten your mind

Enjoy the dim light and shadow, time is slow

There is another world hidden in the small teahouse


Lacquerware as tea set

Often with deep background color contrast gold powder gorgeous

Elegant and elegant charm is naturally scattered

Only in dim light

We can see the beauty of gold

Over illumination conceals the real wonder

When we turn off the flashlight

Only then discovered that the firefly already connected the sea of stars

Only in the dim light

In order to have a dance, make clear the shadow, how moved in the world



It's different from the West

The harmony building has no walls

Instead of paper doors and windows, light into the room


And paper moist, such as mist light cage

The sun is lazy, and it's as quiet as water

At this moment, the rest is deeper than sleep


Natural light and shadow gradients

Develop a quiet and deep appeal

The essence of modern cement Aesthetics

From simplicity to abundance, gradually to the beauty of oriental artistic conception




BOLI Cenic series

Subtle with light, fantasy in ordinary
Under the top daylighting, it's like a bright but not dazzling paper window

The sky light, cloud and shadow float over it, which combines the atmosphere of the West with the grace of the East

Condensed in the form and spirit of space


24-hour magic of light and shadow

It exudes rich and charming personality charm
Cool and warm, tough and soft

Blooming the beauty of life


If you want to be quick, you can't be quick

No need to regret the past, no need to worry about the future

Come home and enjoy the moment

Quiet luxury, just because there are thousands of gold difficult to buy fun


SHe came out with a thousand calls, and half covered his face with the lute

BOLI noble cement

Experience the baptism of a hundred years

Hazy beauty makes the space more story like



Compared with plain and bright

The gorgeous after precipitation is more worthy of deep taste

Flowers and leaves layer upon layer, floating and sinking between the mottled colors

Quiet and graceful

More artistic appeal than resplendence



High color cement grey with black embellishment

Simple and elegant in a low profile

Large area paving makes home a light and shadow theater

The sun rises and the moon falls, sitting on a whole piece of nature