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The rich choose Maybach S-class, the rich choose Audi R8, and those with a pattern choose it!




National Highway 318, a magical highway

Desirable Sichuan Tibet line

Through a mysterious place

At an altitude of 3500 meters, there are many ink stones

It is the transit point of Shangri La

It is the only plateau stone forest landscape in China

It is "Bermuda, China"

It is China ink stone park



From the distant Triassic to the 21st century

Ink stone park has experienced countless baptisms

Wind, sun and rain

All natural forces

It has shaped its majestic and fantastic appearance


Overlooking the ink stone, it looks like the sea in the mountains, with thousands of waves

A close look at the ink stone shows that the rocks in Yangshan are towering, changing and magnificent

Enter the ink stone, feel the nature of heaven and earth, thick ink and heavy color

It's like a dreamland, which has to be amazing

Therefore, there is Boli copper donamita


The wild stone pattern is natural



Thousands of peaks stand and thousands of stones compete

With original lines

Plus scattered spots

Give birth to an ancient and fantastic scattered beauty

▲BOLI Copper donamita·FP8126B17


Natural horse ash left after repeated tempering

Weathered color

Nature intertwined

The uncanny workmanship from nature is magnificent


Xin Qiji, a poet of the bold and unrestrained school in the Southern Song Dynasty, wrote

"Thousands of gullies and thousands of rocks compete for the show"


This is the scenery of Chongshan Dieling

Charm of stone texture

Like small drops of water splashed by running water

Fall on the wonderful rock

The sun slanted, shining and dreamy


A thousand years ago, Li Bai wrote the difficult road to Shu

"Where is the green mud? It's a hundred steps and nine folds. It haunts the rocks"


Chanting the beauty of rock

Praise the uncanny workmanship of nature

Now I'm in it

How can we not sigh



There are big gullies in the chest

To appreciate the beauty of wonder


Welcome to taste

BOLI Copper donamita