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The decoration that shocked parents for a whole year, but the post-90s love it so much



Nowadays, young people pay more and more attention to residential comfort, preferring simple and plain homeowners, and preferring the simple and quiet style of Yujiefeng. They are all pursuing a simple, elegant and comfortable life. Compared with thick ink and heavy colors, micro cement is their favorite.



In recent years, Quiet Wind has been the first choice for many people. It is popular among many white-collar workers because it reflects their interests through simple and simple decoration. Elegant and fashionable gray, revealing a sense of sophistication. A thick post-modern wind hits the wall with a big rock slab.



Every space in the quiet wind gives people a feeling of openness and elegance. The gray color is used as the space background, and the white wall is used to reflect this sense of sophistication. The black furniture elements influenced by the international fashion trend in recent years are used for decoration, which is profound and meaningful. Simple lights and green plants are used to create an open, secluded and elegant home atmosphere.



Starting from the living room fabric sofa as the visual center, the furniture with Japanese style feelings and green plants show that the owner appreciates the quiet wind, and his feelings for Japanese style are still hidden in his heart. The white wall without any decoration, the lotus leaf shape of the chandelier is painted dynamically, and the light emitted is more soft and artistic.


▲ BOLI Puro



Jifeng not only integrates the two styles, but also has innovation and change. The silent wind almost only uses three colors, black, white and gray, to express the loneliness and thick industrial wind, and at the same time, it also innovates a new idea to make the original deep environment lively. Slight brush marks on the Yaguang floor, combined with small gray particles, make the cement mottled and granular feel just right, which greatly improves the anti-skid performance. The reflection is soft, and the light is not dazzling at night. It not only satisfies the life of modern home, but also has a fashionable, advanced and elegant texture.


Modern bathroom

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There are endless examples of sharing decoration experience on the Internet, each with its own merits. Big data crazily refreshes your preferences, and slowly turns into a robot that you like as long as you like, often falling into an aesthetic circle. The design of space is derived from the daily life habits of family members, not to change habits for the sake of "beauty".



The bathroom still has the overall style. The large rock slabs on the wall create a sense of harmony. The bathroom is simple and comfortable. You must relax after work.



Glass is used to separate the outside from the bathroom, taking into account some privacy, transparency and lighting. The oval bathtub is more suitable for semi lying than the round one, and the metal faucet is fashionable.


▲ BOLI Puro


The wall on the rock slab improves the overall comfort of the environment. In combination with the candy glaze dotted under the light of the spotlights, the feeling of sweetness arises spontaneously. The wash basin extends to the heavy columns on both sides of the wall, ingeniously using the space, eliminating the trouble of adding the wash basin. The storage function also becomes powerful, showing the integration of the ideal bathroom and the limited conditions of the real space.


The most private bathroom is free and easy, without considering others' feelings. The multi-functional design space is well planned, which is an important part of the contemporary home environment.


The grey is flat and self-supporting, showing elegance with a never publicized fashion sense. Our eyes follow it, no matter how well the application matches the space.