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Senior blues, home can also feel the charm of the sea



The depth of the sea lies in its capacity for rivers

The mystery of the sea lies in its immeasurability

The charm of the sea, in its yearning

The sea embraces all rivers

Taking advantage of the situation, the mysterious world is deeply contained

Everywhere you go, you will never forget to return

This is the tune of Lanling



Louguan is facing the tide of Zhejiang

When autumn comes

Hundreds of rivers flow eastward to the sea

The rolling waves interweave

Record the moment of wiping your shoulders

As Lanling turns into rain, it sinks into tune



The old man by the sea

In the wind and frost

Deep blue eyes

Exploring the meaning of the mysterious ocean

The waves surged in the roar

But gently and slowly fall here

A place called home



Keep aloof from the world

Gather all kinds of flavors, profound and detached

Mountains and rivers flow into the sea

The crisscross stone pattern falls into the pool

Deep blues in my heart


▲BOLI  Copper donamita·finch tail advanced Blues


The sea not only holds hundreds of rivers

Also received embellishment from the sky

Loose diamond

Like the sunlight on the sea

The sea sparkled



Sailing through the sea

When the waves merge into the sea

When blue and grey come into life

Extract color from deep sea

Add enchanting blue to ordinary life



Ink sprinkled on a sea, lifted long long call

Yunshan mountain around the peak, cold in Sichuan

Have the mind to accommodate mountains and rivers

To achieve their own magnificent



A square heart is like a sea of rivers

The water in the world is no greater than the sea

The best is the best

Square inch into the majestic ocean

Life gains charm Blues



As time goes by, there is a long way to go

Humming the song of time, walking freely on the coast


Welcome to enjoy

BOLI Sparrow tail blue




—— END ——