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Clouds are provoking drunk, a room of natural good elegance



Snow high in the mountains

Melt as water

Transpiration becomes water vapor

And turn them into clouds of different shapes

Floating in the air, into a natural picture scroll

Light and quiet, comfortable and wonderful



When it comes to the sea of clouds, it belongs to Lushan Mountain

In "The Ballad of Lushan Sent to Lu Shi to Royal the Virtual Boat", Li Bai said:

"Mount Lushan shows the South Dou Beside,

Screen nine fold Yunjin Zhang, the shadow falls Ming Lake green dai light. "

Clouds and misty clouds on Lushan Mountain

Continuous miles, when such as curtain, when like gauze

Place oneself among them, if face the world fairyland




Dragons dance in the clouds

Fragrant fog, flying moon wheel edge

Huatang quiet, pine wind bamboo snow

The golden uproar rippled all day

Nature is boundless, elegance is boundless

It's fascinating


Quiet as practice, moving as smoke

Light as flocculant, wide as the sea

Instantaneous, free change

Wanton natural and unrestrained, lively charm


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Poems have cloud:

"Deep Qian Yun Lan far beyond the pale, Baogaoyou with sea light"


Clouds and misty mountains, or roll or comfortable

The void and the real are born, and ripple

The attitude of the clouds is never confined to the square inch

The meandering pouring, continuous



Ten thousand hectares of blue sky, a few white

The evening breeze carries a tulle, coated with a shallow layer of gray

Suddenly, heaven and earth became quiet and docile

Mind also subsequently intoxicated



A thin gleam of light from the churning sea of clouds

Shining every inch, bright everywhere

Clear as the dawn

And crystal clear as the waves

Its own "sky light cloud shadow wandering" elegant charm



Liu Yuxidao, a poet in the Tang Dynasty:

"Layers of peach and plum flowers on the mountain, clouds are fireworks."


Deep in the clouds

Watch the flowers bloom and fall

Enjoy rain and snow rain or shine

The most comfortable carefree



All is good as the eye can see

The heart feels more comfortable

Clouds, misty mountains and enchanting scenery


Welcome to enjoy

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