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If you don't believe it, my family is full of gold



Several years ago

BOLI Italian designer

When doing product research in Beijing

By the way, I visited the Forbidden City for the first time in my life



The Forbidden City began in 1406

It has a history of 600 years

China's supreme power, known as the "Forbidden City"

Palaces are square and regular

Diaolianghuadong, resplendent

The arch, eaves truss and architrave are full of golden patterns



You are so noble

The designer came to the Forbidden City in the early morning

The morning light covers the earth, and the roof shines with golden light

Floor tiles that have gone through the vicissitudes of life

And was reflected brilliantly

The floor tiles of the Forbidden City are not simple. They were specially provided by the royal family

Known as "Beijing Brick"

And was given the nickname of "Golden Brick"



Under the golden sun

The relief on the brick surface and the mottled place are glittering

Seen from afar, it looks like gold everywhere

As a foreigner

At that moment

The designer really felt and understood for the first time

This ancient palace is remarkable



The designer suddenly has a big brain hole

How about developing a platinum "gold brick"

Brilliant is best at cross-border design

Use Calacatta × Combination of gold

The marble of modern architectural civilization represents simplicity

Chinese traditional classical gold represents luxury


Cross border collision, unique

This wonderful idea was quickly recognized by everyone

Half a year later, a new product of Brilliant came out


BOLI Calacatta gold

It's the golden pen that counts





Simple super white meets golden grain of wealth

This combination is really great

Elegance with vulgarity, plain with elegance

White is no longer mediocre and monotonous

Gold is not so vulgar

That's exactly what I said
Low profile luxury

Like the Forbidden City that has been silent for years



High end candy glaze



Candy glaze is the high-end technology of BOLI

Flexible, brilliant and elegant

The R&D team finally added candy technology

Create a golden sand like texture

Let Calacatta gold really have gold luster



Gold specification



600×600mm,Low profile size

12 different designs




· Calacatta gold- Elegant space display






Calacatta gold, which symbolizes beauty

Since listing

Has won the favor of all


The home is full of gold

Inevitably rich

Luxury in low profile

Take the spirit of wealth home




— END —