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How to repair the scratches on the surface of the ceramic tile?


Ceramic tile is the best home decoration materials, home decoration will preferred ceramic tile decorative materials, this is because the ceramic tile decoration effect is good, antifouling wear-resisting is easy to do! While laying the ground or wall is the main subject of clean, usually ignored the tiny ceramic tile scratches will all eyes. So, some people complain about, say the emergence of ceramic tile quality is bad cause scratches, good ceramic tile can also be wronged, in fact ceramic tile scratches is not necessarily the ceramic tile quality problems. 

Ceramic tile scratches is divided into several types? Ceramic tile scratches can be divided into two kinds: one kind is ceramic tile scratches. After the structure didn't damage on the surface of the ceramic tile, clean floor surface without trace. Another kind is the floor tile metal scratches. Such as nails or sharp iron brick surface scarification, formation damage tile scratches, scratches, after removing the floor tile to repair, or dirty, soon to form a black scratch mark. 

Why can appear scratches on the surface of the ceramic tile?

 1, don't do a good protection in the construction process: family construction process, all kinds of sand, stone, people, all kinds of things moving again. Ceramic tile, especially the glazed ceramic, microcrystalline in order to better decorative effect, the surface with a layer of vitreous crystal glaze, mohs hardness for 4 ~ 6. And composition of the sand is quartz silica (SiO2), average mohs hardness of 7, if the construction is not, it is easy to produce scratches should be protected! 

2, clean indoor do not note: ceramic tile abrasion hardness than stone, glass, wood floor, is one of the best decoration materials. Rainy day, there will be a lot of quartz sand stick on the sole, the equivalent of a person with the weight of the body in the ceramic tile glaze. Again good ceramic tile, stone will appear scratches, so rainy day in front of the best, in shoes or carpet cleaning through sole.

How to avoid the occurrence of ceramic tile scratches? 

(1) when the shop is stuck on the ceramic tile, the construction process must be standard, absolutely put an end to violence on construction, ceramic tile in the shop is stuck in the whole process of shop sticks ceramic tile, and be sure to keep clean and no gravel on the surface of the ceramic tile, and I can't wear shoes with the with gravel trample or walk in ceramic tile surface.

 (2) after ceramic tile laid a good, also want to often in our daily life to clean the surface of ceramic tile, keep the surface of the ceramic tile clean and tidy. 

(3) maintenance ceramic tile, ceramic tile in addition to daily cleaning, preferably every three to four months to simple waxing and polishing of ceramic tile, so that can completely prevent scratches at the same time, and can keep the best performance and decorative effect of ceramic tile. 

How to repair the scratches on the surface of the ceramic tile?

 (1) will have small scratches on the surface of ceramic tile first area to clean up, and make sure there is no stains adhesion in ceramic tile surface. 

(2) with moist and clean duster cloth to wipe back and forth, ceramic tile to clean up of tiny scratches stains, reoccupy does cloth to wipe excess water clean. 

3. Then, using wax wax and populate the tiny scratches, attention wants even wipe the waxing process, and ensure that the wax layer of ceramic tile scratches can be a good cover, waxing, still wait for a few minutes. 

(4) finally, once again use polishes to wipe back and forth on the surface of the ceramic tile polishing, polishing wax is pure bright, its role is to play the role of sealing wax, sealing wax can avoid the occurrence of secondary scratches.