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Exploring the most beautiful art museum in the mountain: Farewell to vulgarity, and the soul is instantly noble




In addition to seeing Tadao Ando's buildings in China, what other art museums are worth visiting? Then I will tell you without hesitation that Jingdezhen Sanbao international porcelain Valley is a narrow valley more than ten kilometers away from the southeast foothill of Jingdezhen, the capital of porcelain.



Sanbao porcelain Valley art museum is located in a ceramic culture village, surrounded by beautiful scenery, surrounded by mountains, pastoral songs, meandering rivers and sorrows, collision and exchange between local culture and international thinking, personality and inclusiveness and merger, ideal and pragmatic harmony, natural wild interest and free spirit breed a strong artistic atmosphere.

As a device for academic, artistic and cultural exchanges and exhibitions, the art museum plays an important role in promoting the development of cultural undertakings, giving local people and tourists from all over the world the opportunity to explore the beauty of art beyond life.

Sanbao porcelain Valley Art Museum takes "light and shadow" as the theme, and the idea of embracing all rivers runs through the whole art space. It opens the barriers of closed exhibition in the past by means of border diffusion, adds sunshine, air and leaping light and shadow, and opens up a diffuse atmosphere of exploration and exchange.

▲ BOLI FL76A101


The clean white dress without any distractions leads to the display and scene space, so as to maximize the harmonious symbiosis between the new and the old, inside and outside, architecture and nature, art and people. The existence of blank art can better meet the needs of diversified art installations in the future.


▲ BOLI FL76A102


Combing the moving line of the whole space, because of its daylighting environment, the original single visiting route suddenly has a visual change of alternating light and shade, and deduces the space modeling with a minimalist approach. Repeatedly reflect the sense of order of the facade, unfold each exhibition space step by step, seek change in unity, start to be tangible and intangible, like the mind of a hundred rivers and seas, and show the spirit of cultural integration.

▲ BOLI FL76A103


Like a beam of holy light from God, it illuminates the life of art and forms a glittering and leisurely diffuse reflection on Gucci gray ground. The sense of mystery and holiness arises spontaneously and makes people daydream. The details are full of creative artistic traces and create coincidental designs. For example, the Light Church of Tadao Ando, an architect, is clear and transparent when the light shines into the building in a cross shape Pure and shocking. It is such an immersive experience art museum that attracts artists from all over the world to gather here and radiate the light of ceramic culture and art.


▲ BOLI FL76A105


Light and shadow crisscross, and the aesthetic art of being quiet for people to enjoy is flexible. Like the natural light at noon, it sprinkles mottled spots on the ground through the treetops, making Gucci gray stained with emotional color. The space changes from three-dimensional to plane, from plain to vivid, and from static to flow.


▲ BOLI F76A201


Natural light is introduced to bring a sense of relaxation to the audience standing quietly during the visit. From the perspective of aesthetics, it just enlarges the sense of indoor depth and space.


▲ BOLI F76A202


The existence of blank art can be clearly seen in the public exhibition area. The imagination space with room is mobilizing the emotions of visitors and transmitting artistic emotions in a way of silence rather than sound.


▲ BOLI F76A203


Relying on the beautiful geographical environment and the artistic value contained in the ceramic culture village, Sanbao porcelain Valley Art Museum has created an immersive experience exhibition art space to meet the benefit requirements of society, environment and Humanities and the functions of the art museum itself. People can have a habitat in the city, slow down, calm down and enjoy life.




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