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From old dilapidated houses to large villas, we understand the upgrading of houses



Old and small renovation


his is an old house with a history of more than 20 years. With the implementation of the policy of "replacing old houses with old ones", the situation of this kind of "old and broken" is becoming more and more embarrassing. It has convenient transportation and mature supporting facilities, but the house itself is dilapidated. It has a quiet but uncomfortable living space in the bustling city. The backward construction technology in the past is one reason, on the other hand, it is the comfort of living.


Either continue to endure or make a big change. Therefore, there is such a group of people who are using the power of design to change such "old and broken".


Early stage of reconstruction&house condition





▲Before transformation


After house reconstruction




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The renovation of old houses is a commonplace topic, and designers try to make a real innovation and breakthrough. Through the reorganization of large surfaces and the collision of texture, the value of space is awakened. The whole transformation is carried out around "empty and large" to make the space more spacious and comfortable.



▲Floor tile |BOLI Texi


The way of life is to choose. With the gray-white advanced sense, mystery and quiet temperament, the transparent window screen releases the gentle and comfortable atmosphere of the space. In a concise and neat manner, he narrated the story about home in a slow and reasonable manner.


The sofa and round tea table set near the window are arranged in a simple combination to form a leisurely home atmosphere and give consideration to the rest scene, making the home life more comfortable.





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Floor-to-ceiling windows integrate the interior and exterior, allowing sufficient natural light to sprinkle into the whole space, creating a soft, quiet and relaxed atmosphere. To express the borderless feeling inside and outside the room, the off-white window frame system with the same color as the wall is specially selected to weaken the traditional concept of "frame".


In addition, the integration of imported furniture brands makes the space elegant and rich like orchid, and also makes the residents absorb tranquility and nutrition, and feel relaxed and comfortable in it.





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The guest restaurant is connected with the expression of a modern way of life, and the antique brick wall with lights on one side injects a ray of artistic atmosphere into the pure white space.


The design of the restaurant is a metaphorical expression of family and personal relationships, just as the design of the round table in this room echoes the space, which is a wonderful balance.

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Light creates the world. In different spaces, different forms of windows are used to shape "light". The master bedroom is equipped with a balcony, and the sliding door setting will become the micro landscape that the hostess likes, adding an interesting corner to the bedroom.





The first residence is life, which is the link between individuals and society; The second residence is the soul, which is the habitat of material and spirit.


A warm warm color series is added to the gray tone, which not only retains the simple and ethereal meaning, but also injects smoke and fire into life, and heats up the quality and emotion of "home".



The staircase leading to the second floor is the core of the space and contains the spirit of home. Use hidden lights to create light step by step, and match with thick black handrails to present the beauty and texture of a home with modern simple lines.



The renovated house presents a harmonious and mild tone as a whole. The residents enjoy the elegance emanating from the simple environment, and also presents a modern and comfortable high-level and comfortable spacious atmosphere.




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