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The poetry of luxury stone resonating with nature





Real texture life home

Is to break the boundaries

Boldly explore new


The luxury stone with great aesthetic tension breaks out of the same format and creates art in the unchanging life. Originated from stone, better than stone, copper marble always maintains the original appearance of real stone, removes its dross, and refines the details.



Poetry invites the scenery, but also embodies the state of mind. The life system extended by high-end luxury stones can talk to nature, and can also entertain oneself to the fullest.



Environment artist



Nature is the most advanced environment artist

The fall of high-end luxury stone

Become the strongest assist for the story unfolding in the future


The space is combined by sunlight and luxury stones into a flowing field

under the command of quality

environment in harmony

Here life is enriched

and very fresh variable




Vibrant natural talent

Prosperous with brocade carved tone

imagine in possible dimensions

To concretize mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, thousands of valleys and thousands of rocks

The scenery of the four seasons with wonderful mountains and beautiful waters



Elegant gray, gorgeous gold, the combination of two pairs makes a king fried

Growth lines are vigorous and powerful, cool and elegant

half sophisticated, half luxurious


Quickly grasp the hard core of fashion

Modern atmosphere, cultural heritage

The fashion experience and life attitude of quality life home

It is self-evident



The beauty of luxurious and elegant shape

like living in the landscape

In terms of spatial extension and spiritual connotation

become a context for puns

Directly reach the world that yearns for natural purity in the depths of the heart


High-level life texture in the design pen

Build without relying on sensationalism

The real low-key hidden master

It is the exquisiteness of writing details



BOLI copper donamita

Natural luxury


Looking at the whole from a distance

Gray gold marble, 10 layouts, majestic. The stone pattern is natural and generous, and the eyes are full of luxury.



Close to quality

Every line is precisely embedded in it, as if growing from within, precise and luxurious.


Boli has a special liking for the texture of stone. The fracture surface of the stone has been processed by design texture. The natural pattern restores the real appearance of the stone. The rough texture has a wild and unique charm. Touching it seems to make people feel like they are on the cliff. In between, the space has a quiet artistic sense in the wildness of nature.


■ Nature inspiration



Copper donamita marble is hard in texture, with a calm, dignified, and thick tone. It uses techniques such as dry granulation, spray glaze, and engraved glaze to create a surface with fine texture, soft light, and changes. The texture that permeates the base is like growing out of a stone. There are folds, hidden and powerful.


Majestic grandeur, low-key luxury is synonymous with copper donamita marble, which is written into the time texture of every moment together, and then refined into a 365-day taste declaration.


From stone, better than stone.

The magnificent luxury stone inspired by nature is integrated with luster and elegant materials, and the mottled texture is exposed, falling into the figurative decoration of the world. Being in your own size and intersecting with the larger world is the charm of real stone glaze.





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