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Pick a star for you



2022, the third year of COVID-19

More than 900 days when masks could not be removed

It is shrouded in the haze of epidemic every day

Endless nucleic acid

Endless code scanning

And careless home isolation and urban containment

Fewer parties and fewer trips

Less poetry and distance

Afraid of accidentally stepping on the minefield and turning yellow

And then it's hard to move



The epidemic situation is still repeated

Shanghai, Jilin, Ruili, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Wuhan, Yili


One wave is not flat, another wave rises

City shutdown, company closure and layoff

Every ordinary person lives carefully

We should strive to make a living and worry about overdue car loans and housing loans

When the wind blows, I have to be busy grabbing food



Anxiety and panic are pervading

The most despairing thing is

No one knows when such a day will end


Life must go on after all

Psychological trauma caused by epidemic

Everyone needs a little cure


BOLI 2022 New Product


The R&D team takes starry sky as the theme

A healing product developed


BOLI Novalux

The stars are shining


Starry texture



Stacked marble texture extends diagonally

Like a stretched nebula in the night sky

Casual, natural, magnificent and unique, rich in layers

Nebula stretches in the vast starry sky

It's full of poetry

With beautiful expectations

It is often said that the star language wishes

So make a wish



Sweet candy



Starry sky needs to shine

So the ultra-fine dry particle process with the characteristics of Boli is coming

Light flickers between the ups and downs of superfine dry particles

Create thin and dense flash points

Like stars shining in the night sky

Since life is a little hard, add some sweet

Shiny light, sugar

It's a healing system




Warm beige



To heal, first of all, you need to feel warm


Very approachable beige base


As warm light hits the body

Not too heavy, not too shallow, just right

It's also the taste of sweet honey



Gold size



750*1500mm,it's popular now




Only when there are little stars at home can life be bright

I hope the epidemic will end soon

I hope you, me and his little days are always sweet



·Novalux - Super healing space display







— END —