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F320116 Morandi glacier Oak wood porcelain tile

F320116 Morandi glacier Oak wood porcelain tile

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Tile Craft: Foshan New Port
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Certification: CE Certification, 3C Certification, ISO Certification, GMC Certificate Of Registration, Inspection Report
Supply Ability: Chora
OEM/ODM Availability: Yes
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ModelGlacier Oak F320116
NameChora glacier Oak wood porcelain tile
MaterialPorcelain tile
Discription Mold made, matte finished, multiple patterns primay edge wooden porcelain tile. Chora nordic Oak wood porcelain tile, texture is an important reason for the popularity of wooden tile, each design tentacles feel. Brushed white Oak is a white oak from the north european polar region. Through the fine-carving and drawing process, the wood fibers jump out of the plane, producing a rose-like undulation on the surface and adding aesthetic colors to the flexible texture of norwegian white Oak, matched with deep rustic light color luster, coupled with the natural pure rings, but also the natural beauty of Hickory play to the extreme.
Product Dimensions48 x 8 inches
FinishConcave matt surface 
Pattern8random patterns
ColorsBrown color
Shade Variation V4-substantial variation (Color Variation within each tile )
Absorption rate<0.5%
Abrasion resistance6 - commercial considerable traffic
FunctionChemical resistant and Frost resistant, Acid-resistant, Antibacterial, Heat insulation, Wear-resistant
UsageUse in indoor and outdoor floor and wall

Product Size

1200X200  48x840.9625.51080

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Product Description

  • Guidelines: widely used in the living room, toilet, kitchen wall floor, flagship store, can also be laid outdoors.

  • Process characteristics: Can keep color for a long time, hard and wearable, suitable for use in most indoor spaces except toilets and kitchens.

  • Glaze: Concave-convex grinding face plus flash glaze, non-slip, easy to clean.

  • Design pattern: Multiple patterns combination, can be mixed with multiple colors.

1. When opening the box, should recognize the product specifications, dimensions, color number, etc., the same color number of the product affixed to the same position, do not mix the products of different color numbers together pasted(unless consciously required to obtain Special decorative effects in the figure)

2. Before pasting first on the ground test, after using the same color number and size, you can use the adjacent color number and size, and different color number, size tile classification, and then in the bottom of the brick for use number to indicate. If the brick surface has a pattern or directional pattern, the product should be unified according to the direction of the pattern, in order to best decorative effects.

3. At present, the tile pasting mostly uses wet pasting and dry pasting two methods.

4. When paving the floor brick, it is recommended that the surface area of cement mortar paving should not be too large, so as not to find the surface cement mortar more than the initial coagulation time(about 45 minutes), resulting in the tile and adhesive layer adhesion is not dense. Real, causing quality problems such as air drums.

5. When leaving seam pasting, polished brick spacing 2mm-5mm is appropriate. The polished brick and the wall junction leave a seam of 3mm-5mm.

6. Pasting should be carried out after the base is compacted. When tiling tiles, the tiles and the pasting surface are first presented at a certain angle(about 15 degrees), and then pushed gently to the horizontal direction by hand to balance the bottom of the brick and the pasting surface. This facilitates the elimination of bubbles; Then tap the brick surface with a hammer handle, so that the bottom of the brick can eat pulp, so as not to produce an empty drum phenomenon; Then knock the brick surface to level with a wooden hammer and measure it with a horizontal ruler to ensure. The tile pasting level.

7. The product pasted for about 1 hour(depending on the climate and the degree of cement condensation), we must use the wood bran or sponge to clean the cement mud in time, to avoid the surface contamination time is too long, it is difficult to clean up.

8. About 12 hours after the product is pasted, hit the ground with a wooden hammer in time to check whether there is an empty drum phenomenon. All brickwork should be done in time to remove the surface dirt, 24 hours before walking.

9. Pasted tiles within 48 hours, it is best not to use large-scale waxing and other electric equipment, so as not to tile and adhesive layer later shock and lead to unnecessary empty drum phenomenon.

/  Product Compared

Brick embryo raw material


 Natural kaolin

 Bright and clean dense, the composition is pure impurities less, the structure is solid, the brick body is long and new not to crack.

Ordinary brick

Raw material of impurities

The ceramic tile is not as bright and clean as platinum, with slightly more impurities and easy to crack.

Glazed face ratio


 High quality glazed

 Special crystal wear-resistant glaze, can keep the brick surface for a long time to be bright and not dim, after a few decades is still a long time.

Ordinary brick

The inferior glaze

Cheap and cheap glaze, not wear-resistant, easy to dirty, long use of hidden dirt residual color and dark.

/  Product advantages

Good slip resistance

Suitable for use in kitchen and toilet, prevent old people and children slip.


D inkjet, multi-pattern combination, more like the original stone more natural.

Imported glaze

Easy to clean, not dirty.


It is 5-6 times higher than the average stone, and it will not fade.

Physical properties

All technical standards are stricter than national and international standards.

/  Product qualified

Testing certificate

/  Product packing

  • undefined

    Strong packing

    The packaging of the product is 5 layers of paper, which can effectively reduce the transportation damage.
  • undefined

    Professional solid packing

    Ceramic tile four corners place the hard plastic packing of lining sponge, effectively reduce collapse Angle phenomenon.
  • undefined

    Five protections

    1.Impact resistant

    5.Pressure defense
  • undefined

    Hhigh quality packing

    After packing the product, seal the packing box with the sealing tape, then double the packing film with high quality,and then make the packing according to the export bracket technology to ensure the packing seal.

/  Advice Buyer & Delivery

Advice Buye
  • The color of the product picture is based on the physical object. Due to factors such as light, shooting equipment, and display, there is no color difference between the color of the picture and the physical object. If you have strict requirements for the color of the product, we can send you a small sample to confirm that the postage needs to be paid. 1. It is recommended to purchase more than 5 % loss(because the transportation distance purchased at the physical store is relatively short, the logistics loss will be less. The transportation distance purchased in online stores will be higher, but the risk of logistics loss will be higher, but buying 5 % more will not increase additional costs, because the price of physical stores is through manufacturers, wholesalers, and then to physical stores. And we are the factory direct sales, reduce the middle link, the price is more advantageous, so buy 5 % more than the physical store does not increase the additional cost. 

  • 1. It is recommended that the buyer should make a call on the goods and avoid the damage of the goods.

  • 2. It is recommended that buyers choose to buy insurance logistics, resulting in damage on the way, logistics can compensate.

  • 3. It is recommended to invite experienced decorator, according to the product paving requirements Yangeshigong.

  • 4. It is recommended that the same color number be pasted at the same place.

  • 5. It is recommended that the seller find the problem and contact our customer service in a timely manner to communicate and solve the problem.

  • 1. After payment, we will deliver the goods within in 7 days. If there is any special circumstances, we will inform you in advance. Ceramic goods are shipped through the logistics line. will inform you ETA day . Individual regions need to transfer.The time will be slightly longer. The actual arrival time is based on the logistics company.

  • 2. Goods to your city, the logistics company will call you to the logistics station to pick up goods.

/  Product Distribution

Buy to remind

About the amount of brick

Ceramic tile is belong to heavy fragile goods, the shop is stuck in the process of logistics, transport and handling of edge cutting easy to cause damage, so must according to the case to buy, in addition we suggest increase 3% 5% amount of brick, to avoid the delay of the entire duration of the situation as a result of ceramic tile is not enough.

About the pave and paste

Special remind, whether wall brick or floor tile, must leave seam to spread, avoid to appear uneven phenomenon, vitrified brick stays seam 1.5-2mm, whole throw glaze 2mm above,Archaize brick 3-5mm, glazed tile (porcelain) 2-5mm, because the post-sale problem caused by improper spread is not accepted, please pay attention!

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