Wood Look Porcelain Tile 1200X200mm

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Mississippi pecans wood look floor tile FA12263

Mississippi pecans wood look floor tile FA12263

Mississippi pecans wood look floor tile FA12263

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Foshan China
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Material: Porcelain Tile
Tile Craft: Foshan Port
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Supply Ability: Boli Ceramics
OEM/ODM Availability: Yes
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ModelWooden tile FA12263
Nameporcelain tile wood look flooring 1200x200 tiles 
Included Componentsporcelain-floor-tiles
MaterialPorcelain tile 

American black walnut wood has a compact structure, high mechanical strength, beautiful texture and color, and is the hardest hardwood in the United States. Imitating American black walnut texture tiles, beautiful in color and fine texture, fully demonstrates the hard and restrained texture of the wood, especially Suitable for indoor home paving.Water absorption is less than 0.3%,6 different texture combinations.

Product Dimensions1200*200mm(48'*8' inches),1200*600mm(48'*24' inches)
FinishBaby skin surface 
pattern6 Different texture combinations
Shade Variation V4-substantial variation (Color Variation within each tile )
Absorption rate<0.3%
Abrasion resistance6 - commercial considerable traffic
FunctionChemical resistant and Frost resistant, Acid-resistant, Antibacterial, Heat insulation, Wear-resistant
UsageUse in indoor and outdoor floor and wall
PackagingStandard cartons and wooden pallet 

Product Size

1200x600  48x2421.4448560
1200x200  48x851.240670
900x200    36x891.6242660
900x150    36x6121.6242660

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Product Description

  • Multiple patterns 

  • Original design

  • Non slip surface 

  • Size: 1200*600mm,1200*200mm,900*600mm, 900*200mm, 900*150mm

  • Good evenness, convenient placement, good  effect .

/  Product Details

Product Details.1

Simple wind industry 3D relief process unique wear-resistant enamel
Restore reinforced concrete texture

Product Details.2

Sinple wind industry.
3D relief process unique wear-resistant enamel.
Restore reinforced concrete texture.

Product Details.3

7200 tons stamping presses.
1280 degree high temperature.
firing,high hardness,non-absorbent,durable.

Product Details.4

A multi-faceted stone,the same type.
Show a variety of different.
Texture effects,paving the effect is more natural.

/  Product Compared

Brick embryo raw material


 Natural kaolin

 Bright and clean dense, the composition is pure impurities less, the structure is solid, the brick body is long and new not to crack.

Ordinary brick

Raw material of impurities

The ceramic tile is not as bright and clean as platinum, with slightly more impurities and easy to crack.

Glazed face ratio


 High quality glazed

 Special crystal wear-resistant glaze, can keep the brick surface for a long time to be bright and not dim, after a few decades is still a long time.

Ordinary brick

The inferior glaze

Cheap and cheap glaze, not wear-resistant, easy to dirty, long use of hidden dirt residual color and dark.

/  Product advantages

Good slip resistance

Suitable for use in kitchen and toilet, prevent old people and children slip.


D inkjet, multi-pattern combination, more like the original stone more natural.

Imported glaze

Easy to clean, not dirty.


It is 5-6 times higher than the average stone, and it will not fade.

Physical properties

All technical standards are stricter than national and international standards.

/  Product qualified

Testing certificate

/  Product packing

  • undefined

    Strong packing

    The packaging of the product is 5 layers of paper, which can effectively reduce the transportation damage.
  • undefined

    Professional solid packing

    Ceramic tile four corners place the hard plastic packing of lining sponge, effectively reduce collapse Angle phenomenon.
  • undefined

    Five protections

    1.Impact resistant

    5.Pressure defense
  • undefined

    Hhigh quality packing

    After packing the product, seal the packing box with the sealing tape, then double the packing film with high quality,and then make the packing according to the export bracket technology to ensure the packing seal.

/  Product Distribution

Buy to remind

About the amount of brick

Ceramic tile is belong to heavy fragile goods, the shop is stuck in the process of logistics, transport and handling of edge cutting easy to cause damage, so must according to the case to buy, in addition we suggest increase 3% 5% amount of brick, to avoid the delay of the entire duration of the situation as a result of ceramic tile is not enough.

About the pave and paste

Special remind, whether wall brick or floor tile, must leave seam to spread, avoid to appear uneven phenomenon, vitrified brick stays seam 1.5-2mm, whole throw glaze 2mm above,Archaize brick 3-5mm, glazed tile (porcelain) 2-5mm, because the post-sale problem caused by improper spread is not accepted, please pay attention!

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