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Factory Profile


Production plant with advanced equipment


   180 meters wide body kiln, the kiln temperature is controlled at 1150-1200 degrees, to produce double zero water absorption high-quality vitrified tiles.

   The 7200-ton press can produce large-scale products with complete product specifications.

    12-channel high-precision imported inkjet machine can produce high-precision porcelain glazed tiles with delicate and realistic texture. An essential machine for making high-grade antique tiles .


     Advanced hardware equipment is the basis for producing high-quality products.


     Can produce a variety of glazed craft products, dry grain surface, dry grain semi-polished, finely carved glaze, bright ink, superimposed printing layer after high progress inkjet...


Spacious production workshop, fully automated assembly line.

  Fully automated production line to ensure product quality and more efficient production.


  The flatness measuring instrument is used to automatically measure the flatness of the tiles and more accurately grasp the product quality.


   Manual online color separation, the machine automatically recognizes the color number after color separation, and stores the color number separately.


After sampling again, the flatness, color alignment, edge straightness, anti-fouling of the product, etc. are tested.


After passing the product, it is sent to an automatic baler for packaging. After packaging, it is automatically palletized and then put into the warehouse.



The production workshop personnel are divided into three shifts on the production line to grade, and through the comparison method, the product color number is separated. In addition to color comparison, we also need to look at the defects of the tiles, the angle of collision, etc. The work is very serious, and the production of each batch of products is strictly controlled.